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Our lady Queen of Peace Cemetery has added a new feature to our website. Now you can not only search our records to locate your loved one's burial site and print a location map, but you can now build an online memorial by posting and sharing stories of your loved ones' lives with your family and the community.

You can also search for friends and relatives to read the Memories and Life Stories that have been submitted by others in the community. We are always working to help families memorialize their loved ones in a meaningful and lasting way.

Click to"Search Burial Records." Then, from the "recent burials" page, click on the "Search Records" tab. Enter the name of the individual whom you are searching for, or the first letters of their name, and click on the "Search" button. You will then see the individual's name and burial information. Once you have found your loved one on our website, you can click on the link titled, "more information / condolences". From this page, you can click on the "Map" button to see the precise location map, or you may submit condolences or begin building a memorial by sharing your Memories, their Life Story, Photos, Videos, their Obituary and Military History.

If you aren't computer savvy or just feel like you'd like some help, our Counselors and staff will be happy to set a time with you to help you create your tribute; just call us at: (561) 793-0711 or email us at: info@ourqueen.org .

Mass Schedule

We hold a monthly memorial Mass offered for those laid to rest in the previous month, all of the deceased at Our Lady Queen of Peace, and for all the Souls in Purgatory. This Mass takes place on the second Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. in the outdoor chapel.

The Bishop offers two Masses annually in the outdoor chapel, on All Souls Day and Memorial Day.

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